Troop Contacts

Troop Contact

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Scout Master Corps Community Outreach & COH Committee
Scoutmaster - Brian Balmes
Scouting for Food – ASM John Lillard
Committee Chair - ASM Roy Blackwell Popcorn Colonel – ASM Mike Stott
Finance - ASM Ken Liberatore Friends of Scouting – Lisa Blackwell
Advancement - ASM Tim Cederquist Troop Store – Mary Mueller
Troop Website- Matthew Reck Uniform Closet – Mary Mueller
Eagle Coordinator - ASM Chris D'Amico Lost and Found – TBA
Merit Badge Counselors – ASM Scott Meese COH Coordinator – Sara Keegan
Life to Eagle – ASM Jon Ezrine COH Coordinator – Renee Lakatos
Star to Life – ASM Ken Liberatore COH Coordinator – Donna Liberatore
First Class to Star – ASM Mike Stott COH Coordinator – Sharon Thompson
First Year to First Class – ASM Scott Meese
Assistant First Year to First Class – ASM Brian Davis
Webelos Liason – ASM Ken Liberatore
Totin Chip and Fireman Chit – ASM Scott Meese
Quartermaster – ASM John Lillard
Adult Training – ASM Mike Marchlik
Foodmaster – ASM Curt Smith
Assistant Foodmaster - ASM Hamid Kahvazadeh
Packmaster – ASM Jon Ezrine
Transportation – ASM Ken Liberatore
Programs/Camping - ASM Walter Dean
Programs/Camping – ASM Patrick Keegan
Programs/Camping – ASM Curt Smith
Programs/Camping – ASM Mike Stott
Programs/Camping – ASM Kevin Jones